Thursday, 19 May 2011

What Does the Word "Rich" Mean to You?

What does the word "Rich mean to you? 
Interestingly enough, I was comtemplating my own definition of this word while manually removing dandelions in my front yard this evening.

During an afternoon walk with my 3 year old daughter Ava today, she amazed me with the number of dandelions that she picked and gathered into the biggest bouquet that her small hands could hold.  I was touched when she gave them to me.  In return for her hard work, I knotted many of them together and made her a necklace that the proudly sported for the remainder of the afternoon.

For me, it was the most beautiful bouquet that money could buy.  For her, it was the most beautiful necklace ever.
This was indeed a "Rich" moment in my life.

Once I came into the house, I couldn't resist looking up the definition of "Rich" to see what the rest of the world interpreted this word to be.  According to Merriam-Webster, there are several meanings.  We know that the usual meaning pertains to wealth, possessions and material belongings.
However, read further and deeper...."Rich" also means Pure or Almost Pure, Vivid and Deep in Colour, Having Abundant of Plant Nutrients and Well Supplied or Endowed.

We could apply the above definitions to our Urban Homesteading Movement.  We are rich in life, family, diet, values and knowledge.  There are too many people who admire others for their creativity and resourcefulness as they feel that they are unable to think abstractly or outside the box. 
As Homesteaders, we are always thinking outside of the box - this is what makes us who we are....
Think about your own definition of "Rich" could be a rich sauce, rich fabric or even a rich fragrance...whatever the case, if something is too rich, we would normally use it in moderation or save it for special occasions!
Being Green and Frugal is our everyday focus and ongoing mission.  We appreciate the little things more, not because they cost less, but because we put forth physical work in order to obtain them.  To us, this is the ultimate definition of "Rich".

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Welcome Fellow Homesteaders!

Like so many others, we have chosen this garden path.  This path is chock full of an array of colours, like a piece of fine art, or even better said, like Mother Nature's Rainbow.  It is a journey that we are travelling, constantly learning along the way.

All in all, we have a main focus, to be self-sustained, respectful of our energy and reduce our impact on the environment. 

I visited many websites about homesteading pioneers and am very fascinated with the level of ingenuity and creativity that exists.  Where are these people and why haven't I met them already?  These pioneers have caught onto the many elements required in order to live a healthy, wholesome and fullfilling lifestyle!  I am super excited to meet other individuals who are on the same journey.

***I do know that the more work and time that we invest into what is important to us, the more that it means to us.  Homesteading is a reflection of this statement.  Hard work, sweat, dirt and grime.  Failures and achievements.  But at the end of the day, PERSONAL SATISFACTION!  This sounds like a coporate job where I once worked, however I was missing the personal satisfaction part.

I used to make money faster than I could spend it.  I used to feel that money didn't mean anything to me except unhappiness, credit card debt and bills, bills, bills. 
Since I have decided to live cheaper, greener and healthier, I have feelings of self empowerment, control and happiness! 

Having a daughter in 2007 contributed greatly to my overall outlook.  I wanted to ensure that I avoided chemicals in food, toys and toiletries for her.  I think that the birth of my own daughter may have been responsible for my own "new birth" as a wholesome individual.

I am from a German Background where my relatives always made their own sausages and preserves.  i have always been proud of the hard work that they put forth.  My grandmother Amelia who turned 95 years in February grew up as a teenager in the Great Depression and continues her learned methods for survival until this day.  She is indeed my greatest inspiration.

I welcome all Fellow Homesteaders with open arms and look forward to learning how to live a self-sustaining and fullfilling life, the way Mother Nature Intended....