Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fairies and Pigeons?

Our homeschool lesson today was centred around the fascinating theme of Fairies.  We had built a structure for a "Fairy House" and were going to adorn it with leaves, twigs and flowers; however it began to rain this morning and we were unable to collect dry decorations.  Legend has it that if you build a Fairy House and put it in your garden, you will attract magical fairies.

I decided that we could work on making our own Fairy while we waited for a sunny day. 

I raided an old stash of potpourri and we easily constructed a Fairy by securing the pieces of natural potpourri with the help of a glue gun.  My daughter helped me to pick out the pieces of dried nuts, leaves and gourds.  I found some Tulle in my fabric armoire and we made a little dress for Ava's new friend (note the crown on her head).  Add wings with purple cardstock and some sparkly fairy dust..voila!

What Fairy isn't complete without her own pet Pigeon?  We found the perfect arrangement within our supplies to contruct a Pigeon.  Ava played very gently with her new "friends" today.  I loved watching her imagination soar just from simple pieces of natural material.

Wilke Reflection of the Week
***Each week, our family takes time to pause, reflect and appreciate a special moment in our lives.  We would like to share this reflection with you.
                                               Enjoying a Chocolate Treat

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