Tuesday, 13 September 2011

True Love...

Our beautiful Blonde Golden Retriever (he's 7 1/2 years young!) fondly greets Marty every morning.  Both the Bird and Dog are becoming fast friends.  Even though Bentley is a "Bird Dog" through instinct and breed, he is very gentle with Marty and never chases him when out of his cage for a fly around the house.

I time Marty's free fly around the house by waiting until he's had a "pigeon dropping" because then I know he's good for about 3 to 5 minutes before I risk having a mess on the furniture! 

The two seemed to have developed a mutual respect and fondness for each other...I wonder if it's True Love...

I have read amazing stories about the different species of animals and birds creating special bonds that defy Mother Nature's claim to the Food Chain and realize now that I have one of those amazing stories unfolding in my own home! 

I wanted to show you what is going on in my home recently.  Marty looks like he is telling a secret to Bentley in this first picture, then it looks like they are having a deep conversation in the second one (do you think they are complaining about my cooking?)

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