Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Baby Veggies and Mother Nature's Paintbrush

The garden plants are still producing and I want to ensure that we harvest every last vegetable regardless of the colour or size. 

With plenty of Autumn sunshine, the newest baby vegetables are just waiting to grow and get their beautiful and colourful hues from Mother Nature's Paintbrush.  We are making preparations to cover our plants as we know that the First Frost is just around the corner and this will help extend the growing season.

I was in late planting my pepper plants but now there are so many buds, flowers and peppers appearing every day, I am having a hard time waiting for them to ripen!  I also seem to think that I may have mixed up the types of pepper plants that I have, not sure which ones are green, yellow or red.  I have plucked the green ones, but am willing to hang on a little longer to see if they will turn a different colour.

I have been working hard with drying my herbs and know that the rewards will definitely pay off when I use them this coming Winter.

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