Sunday, 4 September 2011

Marty the "Little Gentleman"

Every day we are continuing to learn more about Marty and his habits.  He really has been a pleasure to have in our home and has been on his very "best behaviour".  He has been quite a "little gentleman"!

Last evening, we had a thunderstorm with bright and intense lightning.  Approximately 15 minutes before the storm was overhead, Marty kept flapping his wings and appeared to want to fly out of his cage.  He was making quite a commotion.  I moved Marty beside me while I was sitting on the couch and this appeared to help calm him down.  I realize now that he could sense the storm coming and it was instinctive for him to try and fly home before the weather became severe - as all birds do.

My daughter coloured a picture of a pigeon in flight this morning.  She is still using the green and purple colours for his head and neck areas.  Notice the red Sun in the upper right hand corner:

Marty enjoyed watching television with us, he appeared to be fascinated by the movement and colours on the screen.  He also suprised me by making a soft throaty cooing sound.  This is the first time we've heard him making "pigeon noises".

Marty is toilet trained? 
Before Marty went to bed last night, I put a clay bowl in his cage hoping that he would view this as a nest for roosting.  When we got up this morning, he was proudly perched on the edge of the bowl.  Even more surprising was that he used the bowl as a toilet through the night.  I didn't see one dropping on the newspaper lining the bottom of his cage.  What a smart bird!  Like I said, he is quite a "little gentleman"!

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